"do not look at the words.
look at the spaces between them.
there, you will find the poem."

Della Hicks-Wilson 

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Yet another reason why I feel I should have been born three decades earlier. My favourite has to be the guy who says he doesn’t care about much and wants to get into films. 

Some similarities in general thought on hopes, dreams, ambitions and desires in free India; on cute admissions to friendship with the opposite sex and on the idea of progress from this gem from the past.

I think of India when I see the long ques, people waiting patiently for buses, for ration. I think of India when I see people hanging out of local trains.

I think it is the fashion today to denigrate the country…sort of a competition to see who can abuse the government better 

I don’t have any love for the country. I got love for the country whom shall I tell that I got love for the country?Shall I go on the streets and tell everybody ‘Oh I got love for my country?’

Progress? We’ve had progress. A child would grow up even without proper nutrition.

I feel happy when I see the big industries of India but, I feel unhappy when I see industries grow at the cost of agriculture.

When you compare ourselves to countries like Germany and Japan, there has been no progress at all.



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Nobody has summed up my love for this city so well.


Never ever gets old.



The Girl and the Green

“Leonardo’s Mona Lisa is just a thousand thousand smears of paint. Michelangelo’s David is just a million hits with a hammer. We’re all of us a million bits put together the right way.”

~ Chuck Palahniuk



This place that we visited was one of those tiny shacks that you find tucked inside, away from the market area. The place is run by Nepalese people posing as Tibetans selling ‘authentic’ Tibetan food. 

I particularly loved not just the peppery noodles there but, the tiny blue door to the kitchen that read ‘NO ADMISSION’ on the inside. 

"It is a distinct craving
for air not yet smelled
and hills not yet climbed.
You are small,
you are nothing in
the scheme of it all.
That is comforting to me,
that you are merely a stone
pushed along in this river."

Michelle K., Comforting.


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Wisdom would be being aware of the value of every little thing in life. We’re humans though. Wisdom eludes us often. You only understand the value of things when you’re made to let go or they’re snatched away from you. Things such as the ability to get up early in the morning and walk up to the monkey terrace. Now, that is luxury! Just saying.

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