Say hello to the two butts I cross everyday. Perks of working in the area? So many second hand book stalls around. Not that one hasn’t seen alleys in other cities with such stalls but, these men add to the entire effect altogether. Heh!

I moved to this city a week back. Though the last week went by in a blur, the only part of the day when everything slowed down was / is when I return to my room. There’s nothing fancy till now - a nice bed and a cupboard. But the best part of the room? The huge windows that one gets light in even on a gray day! Plus the only perk of living in a high rise in this city is the wind that floats in through these bright windows. I love the way lying down in the dark, I can see the shadows of rainwater slowly trickling down the window panes on the wall opposite. I can spend all day watching it only hearing myself breathe as the rain goes pitter-patter on the glass. Slows everything down to my pace, this.

While they say one can see many sights when traveling by the day, I’ve always loved traveling after dark. There is something hauntingly charming about it, as if the night is a healer abd darkness her balm. Whether it is in a car or on foot and now in the local trains, traveling in the night quietens everything down making the traveler feel even more conscious, even more aware of one’s existence. It’s almost like among the mass of people that rushes past in the blink of an eye, one is just floating by, happily watching it all.

13 July 2014 

Bombay local. First ride. Couldn’t stop grinning. :D Next up, the cute red coloured buses!

Choose yourself!

There are times when even if you know where to go, what’s in store for you, you choose not to go that way. You choose uncertainty and confusion. You choose to wander.

The second you start overthinking it, you’ll find someone questioning your choices and your sanity. In that moment, you can either make it or break it. Just remember to hold on. Just remember your choice to wander.

Finding such clouds here is such joy! Reminds me so much of Bangalore. Rare sights such as these reach out somewhere deep in memory that you’re not only left longing for those fleeting moments but, in the end feeling lucky to have at least lived them.

When you know something, you just know it. How much ever you deny it, how much ever you turn away from it, it’ll always lay right there in front of you, only waiting. Waiting for you to be ready. That’s it.

When it happens as a pattern, you can always understand it. If you’re listening.